Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Lilacs in Bloom

I wait with bated breath each spring for the lilacs to bloom. My grandmother Carvin loved lilacs too. After Grandmom Rachel passed away in the mid-sixties, my Dad would go to a nearby farm that had several very large, old lilac bushes and cut a bunch to put on her grave. He asked the farmer if he could cut them, and the old man always allowed him to. As a little girl, I would go with him and help him cut them. I remember loving the scent and thinking it was Heavenly. I still do. We would give some to my mother as well and our house would be filled with that Heavenly scent for several days in April.

Now my lilacs are in bloom. And the scent reminds me of my Grandmother Rachel, and being with my Dad, doing something out of love for his mother and my mother.

  Happy Spring!

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